Rent a coder - Programming and design services to help get rare items needed., I am looking for a bot coded in c# (that's what I hear is fastest) that can help me get rare items on websites when they drop. The websites i need the bot to support is adidas, footlocker, cham [..]Convert old flash site to Wordpress ecommerce site, I had a flash site built several years ago,, and need to convert it to a wordpress ecommerce site that is mobile and SEO friendly. Backend database is still usable, I just need [..]C and Arduino programmer I need a function in C that takes base, exponent, and modulus .i.e. modular_pow(base, exponent, modulus). 2- The function must perform Square and Multiply algorithm the Right-to-left binary metho [..]Need Background designs and logos for website back banners and other little logos for my website. We already have our company logo we our building our website and need images and banners/headers made we can use. Home Banner Home welcome [..]Motivational Player app would play an audio track with a motivational theme while the app was activated. Each track would play at a set interval, i.e. every 3 mins, say during your daily work out to give you a motiva [..]. [..]SAP punchout and PCI compliance resource needed, we are a US-based company looking for an SAP savvy person who can ensure that the configuration of our system is PCI compliant and can setup a punch-out from an external customer that will acce [..]Data transfer via sound am looking for a JavaScript application that would transfer data between to device by just using the speaker and microphone. Current approach is By convert any data to base64 assign a frequency t [..]Java Invoice printing in Pre Print format a java program to print Invoice in a dot matrix window. [..]build a "smart" message board to build a novel, new method of a social platform/message board. website and forum in place now, but fairly "standard" in its application, but would like to create some tools and tricks wit [..]New website needed (Online Business), I need a website its like but its for a website called and I sell items on my site. There needs to be a owner panel, and a panel for other people to re-sell on my website. T [..]Full time IT person to hire an IT person to maintain my site and learning management system [..]website movement or cloning build a website for me. the site is connected to about 50 funnels. I need to move them to my own hosting. the domain is mine, they will give me access to the back office. Worst case scenari [..]Lightweight HTML range slider filter. job is for providing me with custom lightweight code to implement a range slider ( just like that to filter custom post [..]Access data for Project Manangement, I am looking for someone to develop a simple access database to manage projects. So I am looking for the following functionality. I have already developed a database that I want someone to enh [..]ProjectChatMessage is a project that I'm working on that is about creating an iOS chatroom messaging application with a different functionality. It is written in swift and involves JSQMessaging. [..]Dynamic Web Project a website (Assignment 3) using files from a previous project (Assignment 2) and using a file input (JSON) to allow users to view to aesthetically different versions of the same site with the sa [..]zergnet.com need the same front end and back end dashboard created. [..]reference letter require a reference letter for someone who is from IT Background and now applying for a university. [..]Programador CLT javascript contratando um ninja em JAVASCRIPT e EcmaScript 6. Vaga presencial em SP Capital, Fará parte do time para desenvolver um aplicativo web PHP, MySql e Bootstrap. Formulário para a vaga:  ht [..]CashBack Website to Build similar to,, [..]Software Dongle Emulator or Bypass have an old HVAC control program that runs on Win 98/DOS. I have software and can install but I lost the 9 pin serial port key that allows login to software. Software is on 2 x Floppy disks and can [..]Neo4J database assignment -- please see attachment for detail-- its a school assignment Introduction For this assignment, you will be interacting with a set of JSON documents in Neo4j. The JSON documents are the output of the Google Cloud Vision API applied to images returned from a [..]interactive quizz or survey need a short interactive quiz or survey (subject material does not matter; you may even use lorem ipsum if you’d like). However, the results of the quiz/survey should be categorized. For exampl [..]OpenGL shader code to parse the “.models” file and create an appropriate Model matrix in your application Modify the shaders to perform per-fragment shading with the diffuse and specular color material [..]Attendance google sheet this spreadsheet, I'd like to select the row of the person [..]Google Maps - 3rd Party API w/ KnockoutJS, I need extra functionality added to this project. Currently it runs as-is, and displays Google Maps markers for pre-defined locations. I require those Google Maps markers to show [..]CashBack Website to Build similar to,, [..]CashBack Website to Build similar to,, [..]ELD help am looking for someone to make a program so I can edit a ELD.A ELD is a electronic logging device on big trucks that taps into the trucks computer and log every movement and every time the truck is [..]Integration of Plugin between Infusionsoft and Wishlist Member have an Infusionsoft account and a Wishlist Member website, and we have the WishList Member for Infusionsoft Plugin already activated on the website. So, both our Wishlist Member site and Infusions [..]Wordpress Function/Plugin(?) and simple Windows/python script(?) uploads an image to be sent to a Win machine for processing. * Seamless feedback on Wordpress site * Simple Queue system * the user can see his/hers 4 latest processed images * 4 recently [..]VitalWare have a website currently hosted on WIX, designed on a WIX template. I am happy with the look, feel and functionality of my site. I now want to transfer it into Wordpress and host it on a Wordpress [..]Gmail Password Retrieve need someone that can retrieve or change my password to my gmail account, so that I can use my gmail , again. [..]Small searchable database (real estate) am in need of database that is very lite and easy to search. It will contain several tables of data related to the real estate market in Asia e.g. Location, Sq footage, price, etc. Data will [..]Driver app for EZDispatch.com need to be able to mark loads as loaded and delivered. It also needs to let them take a picture of the vehicle they are transporting and circle and label any preexisting damage in green and op [..]From 32 to 64bit, migrate n. 3 Windows DLL, MS Excel functions extension, C language project is about migrating 3 windows dll from 32 to 64 bit windows platform. They are MS Excel calculation functions that, right now, work only with 32 bit MS Office/Excel. We need them working [..]Cubic Interpolation Spark want a program written in Scala language for the spark intepreter. The program should: -- Load a table from local HBase to RDD[rowkey, double, double] -- Perform cubic interpolation on the set [d [..]Genezis LLC : Reflexology Software Design & App Design Project are a small startup that's looking to higher a programmer & coder who can design both a functional app and software that will work hand in hand with one another. The purpose of the app and software [..]Genezis LLC : Reflexology Software Design & App Design Project are a small startup that's looking to higher a programmer & coder who can design both a functional app and software that will work hand in hand with one another. The purpose of the app and software [..]Database for website needed. Fusion is a manufacture of Bath Bombs. A bath bomb is a ball that is used when taking a bath to scent and change the color of the water. We are enclosing rings in a limited edition bath bomb and [..]Enable FrontEnd acces for two plugins... I have a website with some plugins installed buddypress as main plugin buddypress-docs and embed any document... I need some tasks to be completed... 1. I need help with an existing cus [..]Extract oid's from firmware binary file need snmp oid descriptions for a huawei MA5608T, The atached file is a backup of the firmware and i found a few references on the web that say the oid list and descriptions can be extracted from the [..]WordPress Website needed (one pager)'m looking for a simple, straightforward WordPress website including a portfolio page, reservation plugin and contact form. Based on a existing WordPress theme. [..]Explainer video for new website want to promote the website through a short video that will show how it works and what it is. It will contain shots from the website operations of course, plus some other fancy s [..]Blockchain based payment platform development am looking for the development of a blockchain based forex transfer platform. Only coders, with smooth knowledge of the development work shall connect Cheers Anshul [..]transfer data over sound for an HTML application that can Transfer image between any two devices using nothing but a speaker and a microphone. It would take an image from camera compress the data encode it and transm [..]Get-together for coders for my mobile app. Need both Android and IOS. Deatils : Thanks [..]New Website Needed Website HTML basically like the top of this... won't need as much interactivity... more a info site. with links... - something like this.... [..]Programm Staticsprogramm based on a template of a competitor, we are a international big company and want to have a static programm like a competitor. I can provide you a download to the competitor programm as a reference. Bases on input data the p [..]