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Posted on Aug 27, 2017
Est. budget $ 120,000
Bids 4
5 Positions; CTO, Senior Developer, 2 developers and SEO needed. Work in Spain or from home abroad and earn good money! We are a small fast-growing tech company. Our current project is a new innovative and revolutionary platform. The platform is comprised of both desktop and mobile/tablet versions and has been completely developed by our team ... read more
Posted on Aug 24, 2017
Est. budget $ 5,000
Bids 11
Online reservations for hotels and restaurants ... read more
Posted on Aug 24, 2017
Est. budget $ 3,000
Bids 8
Migrate old db to new mysql container write php back end for my css menus to be served on appache server ... read more
Posted on Aug 22, 2017
Est. budget $ 4,000
Bids 5
I'm looking to develop a dialer plug-in for Salesforce. Something that can use a lead/account list from Salesforce and automate dialing, while also logging data. Features: Integrates with Salesforce Logs metrics like call time and number of calls. Automatically calls from a lead/account list Has form where notes can be entered for the spec ... read more
Posted on Aug 18, 2017
Est. budget $ 200
Bids 1
I want to have sites like Google, Microsoft and such display in English regardless of my IP, without the use of a VPN or proxy. I use the Firefox Browser, so it should be at the very least compatible with Firefox, how you achieve this is up to you. ... read more
Posted on Aug 17, 2017
Est. budget $ 2,000
Bids 4
I want to create a budgeting app that I can use to teach young people to save. This application is a simple app allowing the User to create envelopes for different goals. It summarizes the amount needed per pay cycle, and the overall balance achieved. ... read more
Posted on Aug 14, 2017
Est. budget $ 3,500
Bids 3
Looking for an expert-level C++ application developer. - Ubuntu - Nginx - C++ - Go - Oracle Developer will be required to help build a custom app which will run on a security server. C++ application API exposes a use-case specific C interface. Code the key creation+params+attributes+etc, and expose C function char KeyCreate (char nam ... read more
Posted on Aug 13, 2017
Est. budget $ 5,000
Bids 3
Refer to attached pdf for project details. Freelancer will have to come down to our office (Singapore) at least once a week for team meetings. ... read more
Posted on Aug 07, 2017
Est. budget $ 5,000
Bids 9
Looking to hire someone to develop prototype app with the following features.... Map event planning and searching(use heatmaps to show total activity in areas based on filters). Social media interaction of phots/comments on events, friends lists with chat option. Account login and achievement features to encourage engagement with app. Pay ser ... read more
Posted on Aug 02, 2017
Est. budget $ 2,000
Bids 6
We require a basic calendar to capture consumer appointments for an existing application, although this project can be developed as a stand alone project. We require the calendar to support multiple users and have the functionality to switch between the views for each user. The calendar views required are daily, weekly and monthly. The ... read more