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Posted on Sep 25, 2017
Est. budget $ 1,500
Bids 4
We are two Spanish engineers working on the aerospace sector. After our experience designing electronics boards and the subsequent purchase of components, we noticed that there are no many websites to manage the purchasing of components. For this reason we have decided to develop a website for this purpose. Our proposal is to develop a site that ... read more
Posted on Sep 25, 2017
Est. budget $ 10,000
Bids 5
I am in the process of starting a new venture. The idea has endless possibilities and I look forward in finding someone who is smart, creative and understands how to build code. If you are looking for a new venture, becoming a partner and being a part of something potentially really large. Please let me know. ... read more
Posted on Sep 25, 2017
Est. budget $ 10,000
Bids 2
I am starting a project and I am in need of a coder/developer to assist on the software engineering side. This job will be for someone who is a visionary and thinks big and large. Ideally I am looking for someone to grow and be a partner. Sky is the Limit! ... read more
Posted on Sep 24, 2017
Est. budget $ 2,000
Bids 7
Hello, I am looking for a high quality, professional coder with a lot of experience in making a variety of websites. I have a very vivid and large imagination so creativity has never been a weakness. I have every page of the website drawn up and a lot of the math done too (although it may need some tweaking). I just literally need someone to bui ... read more
Posted on Sep 19, 2017
Est. budget $ 7,000
Bids 10
I need a app.and website built. I'm looking to launch on Apple etc. Thanks ... read more
Posted on Sep 08, 2017
Est. budget $ 750
Bids 2
Hello, I own an Inmate Service business for federal inmates serving time in the Bureau of Prisons. I am looking for assistance on two projects we would like to have worked on and I'm hoping you could help me. The BOP uses an email system called CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in prison. Es ... read more
Posted on Sep 04, 2017
Est. budget $ 1,000
Bids 6
Problem: At anyone can post swing dance results, given that they submit a Google Recaptcha code. Lately, robots have been able to publich nonsens info with links to other websites despite that the website is asking for a Recapcha code. My hosting partner says it is because the website is using Google Recaptcha ver ... read more
Posted on Sep 03, 2017
Est. budget $ 3,000
Bids 9
I wish to create a request system which utilises an excel sheet and a request form, example can be provided. ... read more
Posted on Sep 02, 2017
Est. budget $ 1,000
Bids 9
We need a new website and platform built from scratch with front back and admin area will a list of features and functions along with api integration We have 10 projects we are looking to develop so need a experienced code writer and developer Can work on a price per job or a monthley salary for 1-2 years Apps for android and Mac are al ... read more
Posted on Aug 30, 2017
Est. budget $ 350
Bids 1
Looking for a coder that's able to make app apllication that conducts your own research for you, should be a platform that gathers the data you need to make decisions. While havind build in add ons. ... read more